When you turn your patients over to a third-party service, you deserve to know that you have capable medical professionals on your side. Here are our MVPs who achieve just that.
— Alain Gazaui, Executive Director

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Allan Churukian, M.D. - Medical Director & Supervising Physician (California)

Jennifer Luman, M.D. - Supervising Physician (Texas)


Maureen I. - Nurse Practitioner

Michelle E. - Nurse Practitioner

Megan W. - Nurse Practitioner

Jessica W. - Nurse Practitioner

Amanda C. - Nurse Practitioner

Gina M. - Clinical Nurse Mentor, Nurse Practitioner

Gillian M. - Clinical Nurse Lead, Nurse Practitioner

Gerald D. - Clinical Preceptor, Nurse Practitioner

Yoojin C. - Nurse Practitioner

Mallory M. - Nurse Practitioner

Support Staff

Alain G. - Executive Director

Paulina R. - Director, Operations

Joanna L. - Director, Development

Darren G - Program Manager

Michael S. - Marketing Assistant

Erin W. - HR/AP Manager

Brandon P. - Project Manager

Ashley S. - Account Manager

Kristen B. - Project Coordinator

Kathleen M. - Marketing Coordinator


Team Spotlight


Gillian M., N.P.

SpaKinect is an amazing company that truly cares for the employees as well as the clients we serve. They offer support both professionally and personally for growth in and outside of the company. Having that support in both aspects really creates an atmosphere for caring and valuing others, and for that I am very proud to work for SpaKinect and to also pass that compassion along to others I work with and serve.