The SpaKinect Chronicles- Volume 3


Don’t Fail Because You Didn’t Document

Volume 3

There are so many excellent and practical components of telehealth. But do you know that when implementing a telehealth program, real-time documentation is just as necessary?  You could be thinking, "what's the big deal about documentation?" And let me tell you, it's a huge deal. Specifically, when the medical board comes in and conducts undercover investigations, you'll probably want to CYA. (Cover Your A**!) 

In this third volume, we are discussing the importance of always having compliant documentation.

Don’t Fail Because You Didn’t Document.

A current client had a not so pleasant experience before using SpaKinect. Here is what happened.

A patient complained to the medical board concerning an unfortunate laser treatment experience, and the medical board asked for the medical records regarding this patient's treatment. This particular client, unfortunately, did not use a reliable or accountable HIPAA compliant documentation tool for their good faith evaluations. So, when the medical board inquired about this prior exam, although it was completed, the medical spa did not have appropriate documentation to support this claim.

When it comes to a telehealth program, it is more important than ever to have a reliable documentation software. SpaKinect has developed a proprietary documentation tool to ensure the rapid delivery of all approvals in a real-time environment. Right after we provide a GFE for a patient, the medical spa immediately receives the form in a HIPAA compliant storage environment.

Not having proper documentation can set you up for a myriad of potential consequences. One consequence is that you can be issued a violation. AmSpa says, “Generally speaking, physicians need to show that they have followed the standard of care by fully informing a patient about the risks and potential complications of the course of action they are recommending.”

Don't say we didn’t warn you!

"OMIC (Ophthalmic Risk Management Digest) defense attorneys constantly stress that documentation in the medical record will help demonstrate to a jury that the patient understood the risks, benefits, and alternatives of a procedure or course of treatment. Better documentation helps defend a malpractice claim."

One the other side of this coin, we have some clients that use our good-faith evaluation note when providing documentation to prove compliance. Because of our excellent software support and service, the client was able to provide everything the medical board requested.

The Boy Scout motto is "always be prepared." Why wouldn't you do the same?

When it comes to unannounced audits or complaints, AmSpa says "It is much simpler to address compliance issues proactively before the government shows up, than to do so in the aftermath of an investigation identifying deficiencies."

Don't face the consequences of being non-compliant. It can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be with our help! We created our services to focus on bridging the gap between the medical board compliance and medical spa operations.

Our investigative stories are meant to educate medical spas about potential clinical issues. If you’re compliant and you know a medical spa who isn’t, just point them in our direction and we would love to help. 

Medical spas are more than just medical spas. It’s a place where patients can leave happier and more confident, all thanks to what you guys do. Being prepared will allow your company to flourish in the ever-changing medical services landscape.