SpaKinect and VSee Push Boundaries of an Emerging Telehealth Market: Medical Aesthetics

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The Intelligent Medical Spa Model - How To Never Turn A Patient Away

For Alain Gazaui, SpaKinect was a calling.  Seven years ago he noticed medical spas falling victim to medical board prior treatment approval compliance issues - from nurses being arrested to businesses being closed. The industry needed a solution, a way to bridge compliance and simplicity for medical spa evaluations. With his success in the wellness center arena building sustainable and accountable telehealth programs, Alain turned his attention to developing a way in which a client would gain access to a provider network specifically designed to facilitate the need for compliance in an on-demand experience --by using telehealth. 

It became personal when a physician friend of Alain’s had to surrender his license because the medical board investigated and found no prior patient evaluation was being conducted.  This should have never happened. The technology existed and has been widely accepted across the nation as a tool in medical practice with no legal prohibitions. 

This is when Alain and Paulina Riedler, our current Clinical Operations Director, created SpaKinect to assist medical spas with a cost-effective and appropriate Good Faith Evaluations that is in line with medical board standards of care. Our team works diligently alongside each medical spa to provide personal and accountable service to guarantee its clients will never turn a patient away and will never face a medical board investigation for good faith evaluation non-compliance.

The Road To Telehealth Success

We are one of the only companies that are providing medical spas with a complaint Good Faith Evaluation. But to get to this efficient point, we went through plenty of trials and tribulations when it came to finding the right software to provide good faith evaluations to patients.

We initially started with a HIPAA-compliant version of Skype but ran into problems when clients would immediately try to call, disrupting the flow of the processes. This was an issue because clients were trying to call when practitioners were talking with patients. 

The second solution was moving to This had the feature of a virtual waiting room that fixed the problem of clients directly calling. However, required account creation for every one of its users, making the process of onboarding clients very difficult and complex. It did not support mobile devices, and we couldn’t customize the platform for the triage functionalities we needed to support a complex workflow. 

After a few different efforts, we eventually realized we needed more than just a video calling app, and even more than just a virtual waiting room. We needed a tailored telehealth workflow platform that would allow us to quickly and efficiently connect the right-licensed provider from our provider pool to any of our clients in multiple states across any time zone. We needed a flexible, customizable telehealth platform.

That’s when we found VSee. Now, we have the ability to create a structure to effectively manage our providers, clients, and our client’s patients, and to scale our business quickly. The VSee team has worked tirelessly with us to deliver customizations and features to create a telehealth software platform we can truly leverage.  That’s why we are sticking with VSee for the long haul.

With VSee, we were able to create a structure that lets us make sure a provider doesn’t pick up the wrong call and issue an approval in a state in which they are not licensed. We are able to create separate waiting rooms for each client bringing security and simplicity to onboarding.  Executive Director, Alain Gazaui, explains that “one of the biggest selling points for VSee is not only were we able to organize our patients in an environment where providers can pick up patients and triage them, there was also no account creation, so clients could use our waiting room with very minimal onboarding instructions.” Even a simple feature such as being able to change a client’s waiting room code on the fly has made running our complex workflow more manageable. 

Since combining forces with VSee, we have been able to grow from seeing to 20 patients a day to seeing 180 patients a day on average. We’ve more than doubled our service coverage hours from 6 hours to 18 hours per day. We’ve brought our average wait times down to an impressive 72 seconds. We’ve Issued over 90,000 treatment approvals. Finally, we’ve been able to expand to new states within 3 months (with plans for more.) Yeah, we did that.

VSee has been a key reason that we have been able to maintain our promise to our clients-- “Never Turn A Patient Away” and with VSee it has made our mission statement a reality:  Be there when we’re needed, wait when we’re not, and approve on demand.

Our services don’t just end there. After all, this is a boom time for the telehealth industry and we, along with VSee, keep pushing the boundaries. As we keep expanding to different states, we are also on the move to take aesthetic procedure approvals home and bring the physician right to your doorstep, Amazon-style.