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The SpaKinect Chronicles- Volume 3

In this third volume, we are discussing the importance of always having compliant documentation.

A patient complained to the medical board concerning an unfortunate laser treatment experience, and the medical board asked for the medical records regarding this patient's treatment. This particular client, unfortunately, did not use a reliable or accountable HIPAA compliant documentation tool for their good faith evaluations. Don’t Fail Because You Didn’t Document!

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SpaKinect and VSee Push Boundaries of an Emerging Telehealth Market: Medical Aesthetics

Seven years ago he noticed medical spas falling victim to medical board prior treatment approval compliance issues. The industry needed a solution, a way to bridge compliance and simplicity for medical spa evaluations. Alain Gazaui, SpaKinect’s founder, is developing a way in which a client would gain access to a provider network specifically designed to facilitate the need for compliance in an on-demand experience --by using telehealth. 

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The SpaKinect Chronicles- Volume 2

For this next part of our series, we’re going to talk about what happens when a patient complains.

A patient complained to the medical board after they had a botched treatment during their last visit with the provider. In response to the complaint, the medical board sent in undercover investigators to find out what was going on. This is a situation we like to call “secret shoppers”

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The SpaKinect Chronicles

Medical Board investigations happen. If one of our clients was targeted by the medical board, we would want them to feel like they have a strong support system to ensure that the service being used is continually up to date with medical board standards of care and compliance... But, there are some medical spas that are investigated without this type of support. 

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