Whether you’re starting a new telehealth services program, increasing the scope of your current program, or simply want an effective, low-cost tele-monitoring alternative, our Integrated Practitioner Services provide targeted, compassionate care that decreases wellness center costs and improves your patient’s visit. SpaKinect provides expert telehealth practitioners that operate as a natural extension of your coordinated approval program.

We serve as an integrated care team and combine the strengths of your local wellness center team with SpaKinect’s centralized tele-medical expertise. The result is a highly effective, efficient, and scalable telehealth services program.  SpaKinect can support your back-office, consolidating your wellnessapproval protocols into our sophisticated video conferencing and electronic medical record software solution. The program gives our providers the ability to generate approval letters (orders) in real time so that your staff can begin the patient’s treatment immediately.

SpaKinect is a physician-owned California Medical Corporation. Our practitioners are compassionate and knowledgeable with expertise in the field of Aesthetic and TeleMedical Medicine. We aim to provide excellence in quality, service, and support. SpaKinect offers the most robust solution for telehealth services on the market with proven success in the wellness center industry.

Your clinic deserves knowledgeable and compassionate practitioners. From Start to Finish, your experience with SpaKinect will be simple, affordable and stress-free!  SpaKinect’s Telehealth practitioner experts can help you achieve your program outcome and ROI goals!

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